COMPONEER™ Modelling Instrument MB5

The straight end of this instrument is exceptional in design and allows free rotation during treatment. The spatula end is extremely thin and sharp for cutting away excess composite.

COMPONEER™ Contour Guide

The unique bluish transparent contour guides permit precise contour conformity and, thus, selection of the right tooth shape. A total of 30 different shapes are available: 6 per size.


The holder is a pair of specially designed holding tweezers which considerably simplify shape corrections to ­COMPONEER as well as the application of the bond. The interchangeable holder caps (black protective caps) protect the COMPONEER.


An instrument made by practising experts for expert practice: the placer is used to align and position the veneers correctly and without slipping.


The universal nano composite is perfectly colour-matched to COMPONEER. The easy choice of shades, excellent modelling properties and high resistance to dental operating lights make this composite ideal for bonding veneers. Synergy D6 Flow with its excellent flow properties, is available for contouring and adding that final touch.

One Coat Bond

This Total Etch Bond is a light-curing mono-component bonding agent. As COMPONEER is primarily bonded to enamel this is the ideal choice in adhesives. The bond is simply applied to the brush or COMPONEER via the syringe. Only one application layer is required due to the excellent wettability. Strong, permanent bonding forms the basis for invisible edges and long-life perfect aesthetics.