FAQ / Economy



No additional equipment is required for COMPONEER.

Conventional and indirect veneers:

Expensive equipment is required for ceramic veneers that are fabricated chairside.


For treatment with COMPONEER, only the dentist’s time is required. Impression taking, provisional dental prostheses, equipment, and laboratory are unnecessary.


The price of COMPONEER is low because of the following factors:

  • Additional equipment not required
  • No laboratory expenses
  • Complete treatment in only one session
  • Less time spent at the dentist’s surgery

Treatment stages


COMPONEER is selected, cemented in, and trimmed in only one session.

Conventional and indirect veneers:

Ceramic veneers require sessions for preparation and placement, and in most cases an additional session for a trial fitting.

Loss of COMPONEER in the surgery


Should a COMPONEER become lost in the surgery during treatment, it can be replaced immediately with another COMPONEER from the pack. The cost of a new COMPONEER is low.

Conventional and indirect veneers:

Lost ceramic veneers cannot be replaced immediately. Fabrication of a new veneer involves considerable time and expense.