FAQ / Instruments


COMPONEER is easy to hold and work on with polishing or grinding instruments with the Holder. Bonding can also be applied to COMPONEER while it is held with the Holder. The Holder Caps (exchangeable) at the grip ends of the Holder prevent any damage to COMPONEER. COMPONEER should be held in the centre of the Holder Caps to prevent slipping from the cap ends, as these are not supported by metal.


The Placer is a positioning aid for adjusting COMPONEER on the tooth. Using the Placer Stamp, COMPONEER can be moved to its final position via sliding movement and even distribution of applied force.


A double spatula has been specially designed by Dr. Mario Besek for working with composite, and is optimal for use with COMPONEER. The straight end is a unique design and allows free rotation during treatment. The end of the spatula is extremely thin and sharp for cutting away excess composite. This shape also allows smoothing of the composite up to the matrix (without forming ridges).

Contour Guide

The unique transparent blue Contour Guides permit precise contour conformity, and therefore selection of the correct tooth shape. Thirty different shapes are available: 6 per size in each case.