Testing edge seal by observing dye penetration
The tightness of the edge seal after alternating mechanical and thermal load is outstanding. 92.5 % of all samples showed no dye penetration; 7.5 % showed only minimal discoloration on the edges. In other words, 100 % of the samples exhibited no or only minimal edge discoloration – a highly positive outcome. The adhesive retention also proved to be stress-resistant. No retention losses were seen.

COMPONEER - Technical data:

Flexural modulus 9000 MPa
Flexural strength 127 MPa
Water absorption 16 µg/mm3
Water solubility 0.9 µg/mm3
X-ray opacity 2 mm Al
Vickers hardness 73 kg/mm2
Compressive strength 392 MPa
Smallest particle size 20 nm
ø particle size of filler 0.6 µm
Filler content by weight 80 %
Filler content by volume 65 %
Density 2.0 g/mm3

(Reference: internal measurements)

Novel inner surface with micro-retentive structure for a permanent bond.

Synergy D6

Optimised abrasion resistance
The abrasion resistance of Synergy D6 is comparable to that of natural enamel and protects the opposing cusps.

One Coat Bond

Strong bonding values
One Coat Bond only requires a single application step for perfect adhesion. COMPONEER in combination with One Coat Bond demonstrates excellent adhesion, on composite, enamel and dentin. This ensures reliable and long-lasting adhesion of the restoration. The adhesive strength of ­COMPONEER is considerably greater than that for ceramic veneers due to the special micro-retentive surface.